Exclusive INTERVIEW - Russ Dewbury PT2/3


We’re back with part PT2/3 of our interview with Jazz Rooms legend Russ Dewbury. .

In this instalment we discuss label management, compilations, music production + much much more...


BTG: So in PART 1, we talked in depth about the early Jazz Rooms and Jazz Bop days, but let’s get into talking about some of your contributions through artist and label management, compilations and making your own original material as Mitchell & Dewbury band, tell us a bit about that time?

RD: So Baz (fe jazz) and Gilles (Peterson) had set up BGP Records, which was owned by Ace Records and through Baz I got to know the Ace crew well.It was around this time when Baz (fe Jazz) (my business partner all through those

days) found religion and had a complete change of direction with his life, right as we were hitting the peak of what we had done with the Jazz Bop, he was gone which meant I was kind of on my own running all of what we had created together. Subsequently, because of the success we were having with Brighton Jazz Bop at that time, BGP asked me to run the label, which was absolutely amazing, we had access to an incredible music catalogue for re issuing.

Alex Rose