Behind the groove. The life & times of Deephouse House & Techno music

Getting behind the groove.


My friends and peers have always credited me with having a fair amount of  knowledge when it comes to early underground Disco, House & Techno and I guess (very modestly) to a point they are right... 

I’ve been on record collecting adventure since I was around 14, DJ’d since the mid 90’s on and off and dabbled in production here and there along the way. But the reality is that at heart, i’m just a passionate digger who is hungry to unearth, collect and ultimately learn about the back stories that surrounded a fledgling underground music scene that has (and continues to) shape and define a huge part of my life.

I've always had an unhealthy obsession for collecting records, but for me it goes beyond the thrill of the chase, the hunt down and acquisition of this incredible music. Don’t get me wrong, the self awarded kudos of owning my records collection is reward enough, but what captivates me even more so are the stories 'behind the groove'... Where this niche, alternative experimental music came from and how it came to exist at all?

And this is how I arrived at this project I guess... My never ending labour of love sees me continue my adventure by attempting to track down, aggregate and document the stories and knowledge locked up in my studio full of cardboard sleeves and black discs and unearth the untold stories….

Behind The Groove...

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