Mastering the craftsmanship - The Technics SL1200GR


So Technics released their latest modern classic, the SL1200-GR last year, opening a new chapter in their long history of dominating the vinyl DJ hardware space.

The latest incarnation is true to form of its high calibre forefathers, standing firm as a rugged, heavy, unequivocally beautiful piece of hardware and engineering that will be sure to stand the test of time, just as all it’s previous variants have been.But now, it’s technically even better!

Check out this brilliant video offering an insight into the precision craftsmanship and astonishing engineering that goes into each and every example Technics produce, when creating the SL series turntable. With vinyl becoming more and more desirable and in demand by a growing number of energised vinyl DJ’s, Technics look set set to continue dominating the vinyl DJ hardware space for some time to come….

Bravo Technics, we continue to salute you.

Alex Rose