Tony Allen & Jeff Mills - LIVE @Barbican London 2019


Two masters of rhythm -  drummer Tony Allen and pioneering techno producer Jeff Mills join forces for a collaboration in music, mind and spirit.


21 Feb 2019, 20:00,Barbican Hall

Channelling Fela Kuti, Art Blakey and Moritz von Oswald in equal amounts, the duo mix dub basslines and joyous gospel-like organ sounds into an indulgence in percussion. Drum kit and drum machine alternate and merge, becoming almost indistinguishable; fusing past and future, digital and analogue, jazz and electro.

Live, Mills’s hands flutter over his set-up as he pushes what can be achieved with synths and rhythm, matching Allen’s light touch, hitting his kit with expert precision. In this improvised set, the duo are connected, both with their own role to play but perfectly responding to each other to build a whole which is so much more. . .

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Alex Rose