The mighty cercle…



Now in it’s 3rd year and with a rapidly growing 600k Youtube subscribers , Cercle have been entrancing viewers and audiences the world over on a weekly basis, with astonishingly high calibre live artist performances & DJ sets, in some or the worlds most captivating locations


Cercle is a livestream media dedicated to promoting artists & venues. We film and broadcast DJ sets & live performances on Facebook in carefully selected and unusual places.

“We invite an awesome artist in an awesome venue for a 1 hour live or DJ set performance broadcasted live on our Facebook page. At the end of the performance, we interview our guest and the online audience can ask their questions. At the end of the interview, we offer a little gift to our guest: it's the mystery box.”


From Stephan Bodzin playing live above the clouds on the Schilthorn piz gloria summit in Switzerland, to Stimming performing a solitary live set live from the stony walls of the Cordouan lighthouse off the western coast of France, Cercle’s USP is truly unique and  awe inspiring.

So if you are into high calibre house and techno and like your performances served with some serious style and class, have a browse through some of our top picks from the cercle format in the last year….

Stephan Bodzin @ Piz Gloria for Cercle

Alex Rose