BTG Audio Vitamins Episode #1 with Alex Rose


We’re super excited to announce episode #1 of our Audio Vitamins radio show, hosted by BTG founder Alex Rose.

With so much incredible left of centre deep house, techno and electronica out there.. Audio Vitamins radio show allows itself to explore a wider range of high calibre electronic music.

Join us on this divergent trip into the world of left of centre electronic underground music…

This episode sounds a lot like this…

Sumsuch - Don’t turn your back

Aleksandir - Between Summers

Volen Sentir - Fatoumata

Slow Hearts - Adia

Death on the balcony - With clear eyes

Luc Angenehm - Glow

Nutia - Em Pessoa

Roy Rosenfeld - Shadow of truth

Love over - Tonii (Dixon Retouch)

Guy Gerber - What to do (&ME Remix)

LADS - Hannover

Aroop Roy - We together

HVOB - Sync

Alex Rose