049 - All Hail – Mr Van Jefford – Melodic to midnight //

Mr Van Jefford, a being which knows not of rest nor the days end, more so he embellishes the onslaught of his ever more famished hunger to release his inner musical self. Some say of Mr Van Jefford's physical presence 'thou art Bionic' others speak of him only in secret and under hushed light, insisting that he exists only as a mere hologram or figment of the mind. SCM can however confirm form personal experience that the physical being known as Mr Van Jefford is infact of sound mind and body, and a joy to encounter. It is now time to don your beloved ear speakers and nod approvingly to the 4/4 mecca of his latest offering. enjoy... Tanner Ross, Chasing Kurt,Ben Pearce,95 Monte,Hot since '82,Purple Disco Machine,Paolo Rocco,Lookleft & Bareright.............and many more