// Big beats ‘n hearts - The Nest, Dalston, London //

Last, last Saturday night and I am standing before a sea full of red hearts. I might not have had a romantic love-in on the cards but I did have a date with a heart racing line up at The Nest, one of our favourite East London venues championing cutting edge fresh talent on the clubbing scene. Showcasing Busta Groove on Valentines weekend was a great move. Mingling with a bunch of singles and anti-valentine fans in a smoky basement bar – club isn’t normally my idea of fun but BLM, Matthew Burton, Soho and Nick Lawson keeping me entertained whilst cupid struck his bow proved to be right up my street.

Big beats and a deep soulful vibe made for an intense yet totally chilled night on the dance floor and the mix of a tacky love themed decor set the perfect tone for an all over cataclysmic assault on the senses. Poor sound systems have proved to be the down fall of a few nights of late but The Nest doesn’t fall short in this respect.  A quality set of lungs pumping out a bunch of raw sounding grooves provided a decent Saturday night that I would happily repeat again.

Words by Laura Hind >>> laura@soundcanvasmusic.co.uk