BOYSNOIZE RECORDS (BNR) are very proud to present you 2 new tracks from their good friend and incredible producer PARA ONE. Known for his diverse works on labels like Institubes, Sound Pellegrino and many more as producer behind the scene got him big respect from the scene. The first track I play off this release is "Animal Style" and I am instantly loving it after 8 bars! The raw analogue sound, energy and off-key pulsing effects have me hooked and bouncing in my seat. The drop after the short but sweet break on 2 minutes makes me want to fuck work off, go home, have a mix and then go out and get fucked up.

The second track on this release is "Nervrosis" and it starts in a stomping and aggressive manner then softens beautifully with some punchy almost progressive-like keys. One other element which is of particular interest is the melodic-electronic-bell-like stabs that see the track out to it's finale.

Overall this is another stunning a solid release form BNR which is being released EXCLUSIVELY ON BEATPORT DECEMBER 20th

Check out the sound snippets for yourself HERE