// Carl Craig @ Phonica Record Store 05-03-11 //

It's Saturday 5th March and I get the text message from my man Alex B who is grafting away in the office at approximately 1pm, Carl Craig will be appearing at Phonica Record Store in Soho to celebrate 20 years of Planet E. I take a change of clothes to jump into after a light bag workout down the boxing club later that afternoon. After a freezing cold shower and a splash of Dior I'm on the train and into the smoke to meet Mr B. He's looking rugged and handsome and we sit down and tuck into a bit of jerk chicken opposite Phonica record store. There is an inevitable buzz and people are spilling out onto the street bopping about with their Tiger's and BYO's in hand. The house and techno pioneer from Detroit is laid back, charismatic, effortless and the evenings soundtrack is as you would expect and everybody is lapping it up. The turnout to see the Grammy nominated composer is massive and on par with Richie Hawtin's appearance back in 2008.  Later that evening the celebration of Planet E carries onto Ewer Street Car Park where Carl Craig is joined by Francois K, Radio Slave, Paul Woolford, Psycatron (live), Chris Stanford, Rufus, Deporto, Nathan Rivers & Matt Tanner, Josh Chancer, Lancealot & Tristan Gleed and if I hadn't left my balls on the mantle piece at home I would have got myself down there. There is a certain aura around the underground music icon, the man doesn't seem to age which makes me think that as well as leading several generations in electronica , I reckon he's invented a youth potion and I swear he doesn't even walk, he levitates.

The professional and friendly Phonica staff keep rolling off classic beats and we see it out until closing around 8pmish. All in all a marvelous spread and well worth the effort.  Check the Phonica website >>> HERE