Circoloco - DC10 - 2010 - The New Era

We have only been in Ibiza since Friday 3rd September and some of the group are already in need of sweeping up with a dustpan and brush, as they are in bits, like a thousand piece jigsaw that has fallen off the dining room table. We have done Be @ Space, Zoo Project, We Love. . and are now bracing ourselves for Circoloco @ DC10 and Cocoon @ Amnesia in the same sitting. After a short tempered negotiation for an eight seated taxi from Playa D'en Bossa we set off to arrive at DC10 for approximately 8pm. As we enter, the courtyard is already becoming a hive of chill-out activity and the beats from the main room are getting louder and clearer as we make our way into the building. The group splits and me and Alex slip to the small bar in the far corner for a light refreshment. Shonky is dropping some welcoming grooves and I cant help but shuffle my way onto the dancefloor. I glance through the doorway into the terrace and it is absolutely packed, all I can see is excitable hands waving above the buzzing crowd to the sounds of Antony Collins. We all eventually re-group at the back of the main room where we all cut some serious rug to Lee Curtis, who is smashing it with some back in the day favourites like MK's dub of Jodeci's "Freek'n You" . . . flashes of our toe-rag youth and pirate radio tomfoolery bring wide cheeky grins to our faces. Everything about this party oozes old school. .  from the outdoor chill out space to the venue decor and sound system. No wonder this is considered one of the best parties on the island by the workers and locals alike. Circoloco @ DC10 has the perfect contrast to the seamless clinical execution of the rest of the island. The time draws closer to 1am, where we have to drop a shoulder to partake in the second leg of our night at Cocoon . . .

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Words by Soundcanvasmusic