Crèche Xmas Gathering with GLIMPSE 'LIVE' + MAYA JANE COLES @ The Queen of Hoxton - Monday 27th December

You know how it is . . . You've done Xmas day, you've had enough of sitting around eating chocolates and mince pies, watching the same bullshit TV that's on every year and conversating with some cretin of a relative. Fuck that noise, you don't play those games. All you want to do is drop a shoulder and meet your mates for a cheeky bit of this and that. Well, check this out>>> After a sellout Sunday at the Queen of Hoxton in November Crèche return for the second installment of their Winter Warmers. Bringing a forward thinking and eclectic outlook on Sunday/Monday partying. Mixing uplifting classics to make you smile with cutting edge underground grooves. The Queen Of Hoxton is the hidden gem of Shoreditch, hosting some of the biggest artists in the world and Crèche are privileged to have been invited there. Crèche showcase the best underground music from leading world class artists.

CRECHE Ft. Glimpse live, Maya Jane Coles, Cozzy D, Alexis Raphael + Residents. 2pm – 12pm / free before 3pm, £5 until 5, and £10 after (guest list only email names to