// Dixon & Ame @ Cocoon Amnesia - September 2013 //

cocoon-amnesia-dixon-ame-marcel-dettmann-ibizaLine ups through out the Amnesia Cocoon season can always be relied upon to be epic, but tonight was hand picked for attendance due to the enticing promise of Dixon & Ame Live on the Terrace followed by Loco Dice, whilst Marcel Detmann and Sven Vath took care of business in the main room all night. Now in its 14th Season, Sven and the gang are up to their old tricks slaying music heads week in week out all summer long on the White Island and tonight, we join them..

As we arrive and move through the venue we settle in the open airiness that is the Terrace which is gradually filling. Dixon is at the controls as the system oozes the deepest blend of understated low slung deep house and techno which introduces the night beautifully. amnesia Cocoon is all about journeys, The intrinsically immersive nature of the venue itself and the intentional feeling promoted of joining the night at the beginning, loosing yourself in the culture and seeing it through to the end become ever more clear as we stand gazing around nodding and smiling, welcome to Cocoon...

dixon-ame-cocoon-amnesia-ibizaOne of our favorites to watch in recent times are Dixon & Ame (Innervisions) who are absolutely on the bleeding edge of the electronic music scene at the moment and tonight, certainly DO NOT  fail to deliver copious amounts of amazing new material which really gets the Terrace moving and shaking... I seem to find myself turning my cohorts and repeating the same line again and again.. 'man, what is this tuune?' as I reside myself to the fact that Shazam clearly just aint gonna cut it tonight...

marcel-detmann-amnesia-cocoon-ibizaWe remind ourselves throughout the night of the escpades unfolding in the room next door and drag ourselves away from the terrace to indulge the much edgier sounds bellowing from Marcel Dettman and Sven in the main room... A relatively small more intimate affair when compared to the Terrace, the Main room is one where you get a real feeling of connection to the DJ and the atmosphere is always just so. The flavour of proceedings tonight is Techno, proper Techno, clean, clear, unapologetic Techno, all night, which is what the main room is all about. It's no surprise to see many get sucked into a quiet little corner and loose themselves for a few hours at a time in this room, we've all been there and its a great way to spend the night.

The main room has undergone some impressive layout changes since last season and is all the better for it. The DJ booth has been lowered and the area to the side of the main atrium like dance floor has been opened out into a really nice extended space and boy have they filled it with sound, a wall of subs make for a body resonating experience which is both powerful, yet rich and crisp sounding, this has proved a very welcome addition to the room.

What did you just say?.. Its approaching 7:30am?? WTF.. true enough it is, though it doesn't feel like it at all with the atmosphere in the terrace growing ever more electric.. Cocoon at Amnesia is always an epic affair.... people just don't ever seem to want it to end, as the Main room begins to wind down a little, a still hungry crowd of party people push on into the very much alive Terrace... wall to wall with dedicated underground music connoisseurs, this is when Coocoon at Amnesia really holds it own, its text book stuff for a Tuesday morning in Amnesia, the likes of Loco Dice relentlessly pushing the pulsating crowd on and on with glitchy beats, rumbling bass lines and life threatening breaks.. We eventually give up our campaign to push to the centre of the dance floor and retire to the balcony overlooking the immense dance floor.... where we continue our journey... will we ever go home? for now its not looking likely,  all I now is... Mondays are definitely for Coocoon.