// Exclusive interview with Dan Price //

This week we were lucky enough to catch up with the London based DJ and producer Dan Price to pick his brains about essential studio gear, dream collaborations and shopping spree's. Which party have you enjoyed playing at the most this year? It's been a pretty quiet year for me on the gig-front as I've been hard at work in the studio but it has to be Phonetic @ Pacha last Saturday (27.11) for Adamski LIVE with Martijn ten Velden etc. Wicked crowd for my set and the atmosphere, overall, was intense so thanks to everyone who came to show their support.

The earth is about to explode . . . you have time to retrieve 3 pieces of prized vinyl and make an in-flight meal to take into your emergency evacuation vessel, what records would they be and what culinary delight would you opt for? It's the choice of meal that I'm stuck on! Maybe a proper 'Italian recipe' Bolognese. Music would be 1.The Very Best of Bob Marley 2.Funk Soul Classics:The Ultimate 80's Soul & Funk Revival 3.Really feeling what Noir has to offer these days so probably 'Dark Stars 5'

If we could take care of all your commitments this weekend and you had unlimited funds, where on the planet would you go and what would you get up to? I'd take my family and select friends on a huge shopping spree, sort them right out with whatever they needed and then take them all away to a remote party Island.

Who are your favourite DJ's/Artists at the moment? Tim Green, Ronan Portela, Ramon Tapia...

What piece of studio equipment or software could you not live without? Well, for anyone that doesn't yet know, I'm a huge Ableton Live8 fan so I guess it would that.

If you could choose a superpower what would it be? I'm torn between Telepathy and Flight. Probably Flight.

What is your guilty pleasure? Occasional stupid humour. e.g.Harry Hill's TV Burp. Haha! I know... I'm usually very deadpan and casual.

If you could collaborate with anybody in the world right now who would it be? I read somewhere that Tim's quite choosy with his collaborations but it would probably be him (Tim Green).

What can we expect from Dan Price in 2011? A load of UK dates to be announced and maybe even an EU Tour - Soundcanvas exclusive ; ) - Besides that, more Production in the pipeline and hopefully a couple of interesting collaborations... so watch this space!

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