// Exclusive interview with Toomy Disco //

Toomy Disco’s debut album is another expertly crafted example of the current explosion in ‘Nu Disco’.  The Buenos Aires producer releases ‘Bedroom Tricks’ on Miami’s So Sound Recordings on 3rd December and has already started to attract support, most notably from Annie Mac (“I love Toomy Disco’s album!”).  The album follows two very well received EPs on So Sound and cements his reputation as one of the scene’s brightest lights. Check album snippets HERE

This week we caught up with Argentinian hotshot to talk NYC records stores, superpowers and essential studio gear.

1. Which party have you enjoyed performing at the most this year? I have enjoyed touring this year in Santiago De Chile with Brodinski.

2. The earth is about to explode . . . you have time to retrieve 3 favourite musical recordings to take into your emergency evacuation vessel. What recordings would they be? Michael Jackson-Thriller, Kano-New York Cake and anything by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)

3. If we could take care of all your commitments one weekend and you had unlimited funds, where on the planet would you go and what would you get up to? I would love to spend a whole weekend in New York buying vinyl from all the underground record shops.

4. If you could collaborate with anybody in the world right now who would be in your top three? My top three is: The Revenge, Tensnake & Tornado Wallace.

5. What critical piece of advice would you pass on to like minded aspiring artists/DJ's? My critical piece of advice would be not to just play records, but to create your own productions.

6. If you could choose a superpower what would it be? I would like to fly.

7. Which producers/artists/labels should we be keeping an ear out for in the near future? The Revenge, Daniel Solar, Nicholas, Tornado Wallace, Craig Bratley, Mushrooms Project for sure are the upcoming new talents.

8. What is your guilty pleasure? I think that good food is my guilty pleasure. I love spending time in good restaurants with friends, drinking fine wine and enjoying delicious meals.

9. What item/s of studio gear could you not live without? I really enjoy using my Minimoog Voyager in all my songs, such as bass lines, arpeggios, sound FX and some solos. I could not live without it!

10. What can we expect from Toomy Disco from now and into 2011? Keep working hard to reach my goal which is to carry my music around the world.