// Fashion, Music and Pharmaceuticals //

Firstly can I just say that the boys here at Sound Canvas HQ are by no means fashion critics or even know what the hell we are chatting about when it comes to trend setting apparel. However we do have a darling of a clued-up companion called Jay Samsonite and she's itching to get her well educated oar in. . . even if it is a little belated (which is our fault!). Enjoy. You can still dance in 2 feet of snow...that’s right, the horrendous snow did not stop the 15,000 people from cutting a rug at Earls Court on Saturday to Deadmau5’s electronic beats. The music was ear tingling and the souls were floating. But the main thing that was on the minds prior the rave was not the snow, (as I would have skied to Earls Court) but ‘what the fuck to wear’.

The house music scene has always had its own distinct fashion. Part colour, part free expression and part ‘I don’t give a damn’. Things have definitely developed since the 90’s when boiler suits, white gloves, whistles, glow sticks and dummies were the standard apparatus. While most of these items where less evident on Saturday, they were still there and in a height of glory. After a lot of thought my mate and I decided to rock out in our all-in-one tiger suits!  Comfy, warm and because, like most of the ravers , we didn’t care what we were wearing as long as we had mind-blowing experience and a forgettable evening (while also saving hours of changing clothes).

Standing out like a sore thumb on the way there, inside we were joined by Scooby Doo’s, Smurfs and Santa Clause’s to name a few. But when looking around the arena, (when not engrossed with the laser effects) a popular fashion trend seemed to be the ‘anti fashion’ trend, against any sort of fashion. But still, an amount of thought had to go in to looking effortless right? And how does one go against fashion in a world where there are literally thousands of trends, cultures, subcultures and fads. As far as I'm concerned, go ahead and wear what you want, regardless of whether it's in or out. After all, from what I've seen, the new fashion is about doing what you want, wearing what you want, and not giving a shit about what anyone else thinks.

And Finally, after all this talk of trends and fashion, how can I forget to mention a ‘trend’ that has been popular since this music scene have had people dancing till the early hours of the morning and will never get old, only better. Every 9/10 people were sharing this ‘look’ in Earls Court on Saturday, a vacant facial expression, dilated pupils and a swinging jaw.

Words by emilyjaysamson@yahoo.co.uk