// Harold Heath - Family affair - release 21st February & Exclusive interview //

harold-heath-family-affair-lost-my-dog‘Family Affair’ is a new series of full-length projects from Lost My Dog Records which shine a spotlight on the artists that have shaped the sound of the label.  Up first is UK deep/tech house stalwart Harold Heath who presents a 13 track mix containing six original songs and five remixes previously released on Lost My Dog, alongside two brand new productions in ‘Antirobotics’ and ‘Daydreaming’.Sitting firmly on a teetering stack of his own releases, Harold Heath is a key player in the ever morphing world of deep techy house music and and has become a regular name here at soundcanvas towers. harold-heath-lost-my-dog Testament then to his musical history spanning Rare Groove/Hip Hop through to acid house he can now finds himself firmly planted in the studio churning out evermore bumping deep tech house grooves. Harold has been pouring his influences into his own deep bumpy tech house works LostMyDog_Logosince the early naughties and is now back waging war on your ears with his new album due for release later this month.

Get his full biog here we caught up with Harold to find out what all the fuss is about flip flops?

So lets kick off with a tune. . . what's your favorite track from the album and why? It's hard to pick a favourite, particularly as they're mostly my own tunes... but I love Daydreaming, because I really like the vocal that Laura came up with, i think it's a really great melody, but I think my favourite might just be Super Real - it's just one of my best productions and it always gets a massive reaction when I play it out.

You've worked with some quality labels and producers over the years, given the opportunity, who would be a dream collaboration for you? Burt Baccharch. Really. I love his stuff.  Failing that, I've always been a fan of truly great singers, people who can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, so if I could choose anyone, I'd choose someone like Aretha Franklin.  In my opinion, Aretha at her height simply couldn't be beaten.

Spill the beans Harold. .  you've obviously been using and putting a studio together for a few years now, for the budding producers out there, what pieces of essential studio kit, hardware/software, would you start getting twitchy without? Cappuccino maker.  You've got to have good coffee in your studio or you're doomed.  I rarely discuss the contents of my studio, because they're just tools, and I think that the dance music industry is too hung up on techincal issues - which sequencer is best, which format is best, what synth works best for which genre, none of it matters a bit, what matters is getting what's in your head out onto the dancefloor and the kit is just a tool to do that.  However, if you really want a proper answer, then I would seriously miss my tri-wave pico generator if it was stolen.  God forbid, it's unique...

While we're on the subject of breakfast, how do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled please, on wholemeal toast and I like my bacon VERY well done but not burnt. It's a tight rope.

Industry heads up time please, who should we be keeping an ear to the ground for in the this year production Wise? Get Gone is a fantastic new producer who's going to be massive this year.

Next 12 months, whats going down in your world? I'm working on a number of remixes at the moment, including some reasonably well known singers.  I'm branching out and doing some down-tempo electronic funk / soul vocal tracks like some of the tracks off my first album (Hole Funk on Urbantorque) which are working really well, I'm starting a new house night in Brighton with Will Sumsuch, we're also starting a new blog called Moany Ben (because Sumsuch is obsessed with Boney M - go figure) where we're going to give our inflated egos a chance to sound off about all matters musical.  Plenty new EPs coming out too and i'll be working with my next door neighbour on her folk album - honestly, she's really good.

Do you appreciate a good pair of Gents Brogues or are you more of a casual Kicks and flip flops kind of guy? I've never worn a flip flop in my life, nor will I ever. As long as there is a sun in sky and stars above you'll never catch me in a flip flop.

In your opinion, what was the best promotion you performed, DJ'd or just plain partied your ass off at in the last year? I quite enjoyed my little boy's christmas party at his nursery, I was Santa and gave out the presents and made loads of the kids cry. i guess they're not into tech house as much as I thought they might be...

You've worked quite a bit with the mighty Lost My Dog Recordings over the years and we love them here at SCM, but, whats the deal with those guys, are they really looking for a dog or is it just a clever PR stunt? Don't joke, Ian and the guys just haven't been the same since they mislaid their mutt (should've called the label that, Mislaid My Mutt, can't beat a bit of alliteration).  The sad truth is, I know exactly what happend to their dog but I'm not telling - it aint pretty...

Album Summery in 5 words or less please? Badass lowslung deep/tech house.

Preview clips here. . . Harold Heath - Family Affair (Lost My Dog, LMDLP003) (Preview Clips) by Kahua Music