// Hot Toddy - Late Night Boogie - Smoke 'n' Mirrors //

Late_Night_Boogie_hot_toddyThe eagerly awaited groovalicious Hot Toddy album to play the summer out is here! "Hot Toddy, a popular hot drink made of tea and brandy or whiskey with honey and lemon", not this time me thinks.

Better known to some for his work with Crazy P, Late night Boogie (Available as of yesterday digitally and 5th October on CD) is the work of Chris Todd (Hot Toddy)

From start to finish, Late Night Boogie is a sterling offering from the Nottingham based producer and a definite must have if you are feeling the new disco, slo-mo soulful house, what ever you want to call it wave right now.

chris-todd-hot-toddyOut on the Smoke 'n' Mirrors (OM records sister label), this is a good solid album start to finish, from 'Magnetic' , an atmospheric and edgy track with its chuggy beat sure to get you nodding, to 'Floatation', featuring Jim Davies, which is a real nice full almost acid jazz style work reminding me almost of early 90's Jamiroquai jams that rolled on forever and even of the raw funk like values of Roy Ayres, . . Toddy certainly shows of a broad spectrum of skills with the rest of the album delivering more of the same blisteringly well produced deep solid new disco style beats infused with the essence of some tasty 70's 80's lounge/funk style hooks. The groove 'On the 1am' is also doing it for me in particular.

To be quite honest I fancy I could just mix all the tracks from this album together in succession and call it a compilation, but that would just be cheating! Testament though to one of the most solid new disco style albums I have heard for a long time.

Err. . . Go buy it.

Words by Soundcanvas

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