// Hotboxx - Kleine Reise - Berlin //

Soundcanvasmusic were lucky enough to spend the weekend in Berlin to check out the renowned party culture. Friday night started at new boogie basement venue Kleine Reise, located deep in the district of Kreuzberg. The entertainment for the evening was the natty new party Hotboxx and the soundtrack was ass-bouncin, psych-rockin, dirty-disco. After ordering a couple of extremely moreish mojito's and sinking a couple of well earned rank tasting shots we strut from the bar through to the dance floor passing man of the moment Tensnake on the way. The venue is proper, at first it looks like a cross between the film sets of Saw, Hostel or Trainspotting, until you spot the subtle decorational touches and classic furniture that looks like it's been chored from my nans kitchen. As the alcohol begins to take affect and I feel myself greasing up and feelin' loose I shimmy my tush onto the dance floor, where a seamless blend of mid-tempo goodness is played out by headline act Ilija Rudman, Namedrop and Benoit, Ray Burst and the seriously foxy Moustache Mama's. Not sure what time we got out of there in the morning but we certainly recommend checking this shit out. Upcoming Hotboxx parties are at The City Arts & Music Project, London March 12th and again at Kleine Reise, Berlin March 19th. Words by soundcanvasmusic - Get the latest Namedrop & Benoit Hotboxx mix>>>


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