// Hypercolour Presents Glass Table Fabric Promo Mix //

Next Saturday Fabric have a mighty crew doing the hosting honours in Room Three: Hypercolour are set to present Glass Table - their built to jack off-centre house imprint. Amongst their roster they count a galaxy of rising stars including Maya Jane Coles who, at 23 years old, is the name on everybody’s lips right now - the dance community in awe of her output. Fabric speak to label boss Alex Jones who has also kindly given them an exclusive Hypercolour Presents Glass Table mix to find out more about this exciting and fresh venture. Check it out >>>

“The ‘Glasstable’ is actually in my living room and it was a place that Jamie (Cedric Maison) & I would listen to new promos and make a lot of A&R decisions when we first started Hypercolour - often when we had returned from a club/party, often worse for wear. We had our first one in about 6 months recently, for about 6 months actually as he pissed off to Ibiza for the summer. Anyways... we decided we should pay homage to it by creating a record label in its honour.

“It would be an outlet for slightly more experimental music/not straight up house and techno like its estranged cousin Hypercolour; the sort of music that you can listen to with ease in the very early hours when feeling slightly inebriated or effected. All the vinyl are picture discs that I design and all the artwork/videos are fairly controversial – just like it can get around the table when you have a house full of idiots (or friends as some people like to call them). Artists we’re working with at the moment include Jimmy Edgar, Kyle Hall, Soul Clap & Catz n Dogz together as CLAPZ II DOGZ and of course AXEL BOMAN... Who we have headlining the room next Saturday.”

“The mix I have put together I think encapsulates the sort of sound you can expect to hear from us in the room on the night – it has a fair few exclusive sneak peeks of forthcoming Hypercolour and Glasstable releases and some other tracks that have nothing to do with the label what so ever (although I wish they did) – they just push my buttons so to speak.”

For more info on Saturday 29th January at Fabric and to buy tickets check it HERE