// Interview + Exclusive mix from WEPLAYMUSIC //

This week we are truly honoured to recieve an exclusive mix tape from Simon Ledder and Mattie Twentythree at WEPLAYMUSIC . Mr Ledder describes it as a pretty accurate portrayal of what you would expect to hear at the WEPLAYMUSIC parties which are now held at The Brickhouse on Brick Lane opposite the Vibe bar in London's east end, check their site for upcoming dates >>> www.weplaymusic.co.uk The boys even took time out of their hectic schedule to answer a few questions, but first of all, here's the exclusive mix tape available for download >>> Fill your boots !

  • Between The Visible And The Invisible - Phasen Mix - [Itokim Nice & Nasty]
  • Sensation 9 - Dubbed Remix - Massimiliano Pagliara [Rush Hour]
  • Plug - Ottomatique Remix - Katelectro [mighty Robot]
  • Never Ending Mountain - Phil Kieran [Cocoon]
  • Drop Down Pass Out - Christopher Benjamin [Flux Recordings]
  • The Worm (Dema And Paride Saraceni remix) -Citizen Kain And Phuture Traxx [Neverending]
  • Spooky Trains - Nick Warren's Back Of The Bog Dub - Grafiti [Hope Recordings]
  • Bloody Hands - Marc Marzenit Monster Remix - Peter Horrevorts [Gem Records]
  • Fountain Trip - - Jakiro [eVapour8]
  • Ridvo - Tekel [Initial Cuts]
  • Pack Your Trunks - Matt Cooper [Rekluse]
  • Sonar Noise - Alex Millan [Style Of Life Records]
  • Woombat - Davis & May [*Back Home]

[audio: http://www.soundcanvasmusic.co.uk/downloads/WEPLAYMUSIC-exclusive-mix-for-soundcanvasmusic.co.uk.mp3]

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The Interview. . .

-If we could take care of all your commitments this weekend and you had unlimited funds, where on the planet would you go and what would you get up to?

Simon: I would have to say back to Berlin, I have some unfinished business with a few of the clubs over there which definitely need ticking off my list + the place is amazing and the music is second to none!

Mattie: The beach somewhere in Kent, like Whitstable or Broadstairs. I love the British seaside more than anywhere else on earth. With my unlimited funds I'd buy a beach hut and install a fridge full of beer and burgers, a barbecue, and a pair of Technics.

-In your opinion what has been the best party/promotion in the UK this year?

Mattie: WEPLAYMUSIC! Well I would say that but the problem with running your own night is that of course it's where you hear more tunes you love than anywhere else.

Simon: I kind of have to agree with Mattie, WEPLAYMUSIC. There are loads of great little night's out there at the moment but none of them are playing what we really want to hear.

-What can we expect from WEPLAYMUSIC over the next 12 months?

Simon: Well we have just recently moved venues and we will holding our next big night on the 20th August. We have booked the mighty Xircus which consists of Max Cooper & Jeet. It will be our biggest party to date. We plan on holding a monthly night alternating bookings with well established DJ's and Local up and coming friends.  Full detail's coming soon :)

Mattie: But we are also inspired by warehouse raves and epic house parties than we are by bar and club events, which means we're not just interested in great music and a friendly crowd - we're also on the lookout for those unique spaces that can really make a party something special. The last two years have seen WEPLAYMUSIC throw our infamous barn party out in the countryside, and this year we're looking to capture some of that same madness in unlikely spaces around London. Alongside that we'll carry on championing the best new music and DJs at our regular nights and via www.weplaymusic.co.uk.

-If you had a magical TV remote control, who would you put on mute?

Mattie: Anyone involved in advertising. Come to think of it, this is what I do with my normal remote control anyway.

Simon: I'm involved in advertising!!  Not so much a person but every siren in London, there is no need for them to be that loud.

-Which producer/s should we keeping an ear out for in the near future?

Mattie: We reckon Max Cooper's definitely one to watch, he's got the makings of a real techno breakout star - the next Nathan Fake. Other than that, some talented producers I reckon deserve to be massive are Roland M. Dill, Daniel Mehlhart, Joseph Capriati, Lucio Aquilina, and Format:B.

Simon: Well we are obviously bias but I would have to say Max Cooper too his production's are great and he's an amazing DJ too.  I have recently been introduced to the music of Ryan Davis, he's a very talented producer creating the melodic techno I favour the most. We decided to finish this mix of with one of his tunes Woombat which he created with he production partner Lanney May. Very Talented indeed.

-If you could choose a superpower what would it be?

Mattie: If I finally managed to properly juggle three tunes on three decks I think that would be a pretty awesome super power.

Simon: The ability to stay awake for long periods of time drinking without passing out, I had a few funny incidents whilst we were at Sonar.

-Your gaff is ablaze, you have time to retrieve 3 pieces of prized vinyl, what would they be?

Mattie: I've got loads of bits of collectable coloured vinyl and limited editions and what have you, so there's no way I could only pick three. But it's not the collectable stuff I'd miss the most, it's stuff I've found for 50p that's got a lot of sentimental value, so how about: Valerie Dore - The Night 12", Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell LP, Front 242 - Politics of Pressure EP.

Simon: Luckily for me all my vinyl is stored back up north at my rents house as I don't have the space down here, so I would be straight out that door!!!

-What is your guilty pleasure?

Mattie: Musically, I've got so many it's stupid - I love the Eurovision, I've got a shelf full of Bonkers CDs, I read Terrorizer magazine, I've got more hi-nrg 12"s than anything else, and I think Aqua are awesome. Basically I just love music and long ago stopped caring what about what's cool and what's naff.

Simon: None musically, Fast food especially fried Chicken.