// Jan Driver "Gain Reaction" BNR053 Promo //

We absolutely are loving Jan Driver's "Gain Reaction" on BOYSNOIZE RECORDS. We were lucky enough to get a copy to review prior to the release date on December 6th. The first and title track on the release "Gain Reaction" would absolutely tear up any dance floor and the rumbling bass and driving four four beat would have our man Jefford whipping his T-shirt off if no time whatsoever. The second track "CS4OM" has a lazy start but gradually picks up glorious momentum and when the beat eventually drops it takes you on a nasty and gritty ride whilst the old school vocal sample and acid touches drift in and out.

Next up is the wonderfully named "Hornetbeef" and this is our pick of the bunch. The crisp clean tech-house beats and wicked echoed percussion shots keep things moving nicely, then the great use of alien-like sounds and effects top it off handsomely.

Last but not least is "Mecafunk" a deep heavy synth chugger with a dash of soul, lovely job.

All in all a marvellous spread, keep your mince pies on the BOYSNOIZE Myspace for a preview.