026 - Jody Van Jefford Presents - Last Chance Seduction //

macheo-plex-vibe-your-loveThis mix has been inspired by some fantastic shenanigans from 2010. A journey through all the the superb nights raving. From the fresh, fantastic atmosphere of the "Red-Box" in Ibiza's Space or a basement shindig in and around Dalston to the spine tingling, floor stomping euphoria of Amnesia's  Cocoon.Even to the point of loosing my mind and soul when we partied the night til' dawn at Egg London's "Bodygroove" Nothing beats having a good old fashioned shoe shuffle with close friends and in this mix I have tried emulate some of my best memories. The ride will take you through some classy deep, vocal house with the likes of Maceo Plex's "Vibe Your Love" into some Glitchy toe-tapping, arse shaking tech-house including 'Sebastian Weiske' "Floating Thoughts" all the way into some dark and punchy minimal with the likes of Dachshunds "Vapor", like I said it's a journey! I even twisted Soundcanvasmusic's own Alex Rose into letting me drop a promo of a concept track he is working on at the moment. Enjoy.

Time for decisions -  Daso Vibe your love - Maceo Plex Oh love(original mix) -  Gadi Mizrahi Leyla - Nicola Gala My love(deep remix) -  Boys Chile Illogical(original mix) - Master Deep Good Day Sir (Al's concept mix) - Alex Rose (soundcanvasmusic) Floating thoughts -  Sebastian Weiske Bahia(original mix) -  Ricco Martinez Le Velour - Shonky Music I like(original mix) - Nick Detti Flealife(Christian Smith remix) -  Funk 'D' Void Truth(original mix) - Aziz Vapor - Dachshund

[audio: http://www.soundcanvasmusic.co.uk/downloads/jody-jefford-soundcanvasmusic.co.uk-last-chance-seduction 1.mp3]

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