023 – Jody Van Jefford presents – Untamed and Sexual //

untamed-and-sexualWhile he's got us on the ropes, Jefford comes straight back with a swift left hook in the form of his next installment on the right side of the CDJ's 'Untamed and Sexual' This time he's even managed to secure and exclusive shot for the cover, with none other then international man of mystery Jim Gordon . . . what a guy. . .

  • Kisdsos : Sebastian Ingrosso (original mix)
  • 93 feet east : Chris Lattner (original mix)
  • Get Down : One &Raff man (original mix)
  • What they say : Maya Jane Coles (original mix)
  • Ambre Dore : El farouke (original mix)
  • Shinjuku nights Part 1 : Seamus octavia (original mix)
  • Sweat (on the walls) : John Tejeda (Martin Landski remix)
  • Our Darkness : David Penn , Robert Gaez  (original mix)
  • Music matters ft Cass fox : Faithless (mark knight remix)

[audio: http://www.soundcanvasmusic.co.uk/downloads/jody-jefford-soundcanvasmusic.co.uk-untaimed-and-sexy.mp3]

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