Pete Da-santa-feet (Lost My Dog) XMAS music prezzies for YOU!

lost-my-dog-pete-dafeetIt's Christmas in case you didn't notice. So Lost My Dog's Pete Dafeet decided to don the Santa hat and give away a load of his music on vinyl, CD, and MP3. Want some? This is how...pete-dafeet
He's  going to give a vinyl record or CD away to a Twitter follower every day between now and January 1st. He'll even post it to you, wherever you are.
How do I enter?
I'll be posting a "Xmas giveaway" tweet every day with instructions to RT. Make sure you're following me, then simply Retweet the tweet and you'll enter a daily draw for a free record - I'll pick a name from a (santa) hat for each day, and the winner will get the vinyl or CD.
I'll also be giving a vinyl record away every day on Facebook, 'cos I love Facebookers too!
How do I enter?
Similar deal... I'll post a "Xmas giveaway" update every day to my Facebook page; everyone who comments on the post will go into a daily draw for a free record or CD - you can guess the rest!
Good luck, and I look forward to sending you some free music for Christmas!
PS don't crucify me if I'm a bit slow to announce each daily winner, it's Christmas and everything so I might be offline for a day or two here and there! find out more
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