// Popoviciu, Leader & ToyGUN 'Front Groove EP' - Out 17th Jan 2011 //

HUDD033_Artwork_ASideHudd Traxx have been seeing in those dark winter nights the only way they know how; by getting well involved with two pieces of  chunky, chuggy goodness courtesy of Mihai Popoviciu, ToyGUN and the label's own Eddie Leader. Mihai Popoviciu has released solo material for a string of highly regarded labels including Highgrade, Mood Music and Time Has Changed.  Together with ToyGUN, the duo have released onImmigrant and BangBang! amongst others, as part of the Romanian powerhouse Hermannstadt Collective. They also previously teamed up with Jay Bliss on Hudd Traxx for the Pepper Funk EP at the end of 2009.

Their latest collaboration here with Eddie Leader is another shining example of their collective styles, with an EP that maintains those high quality sounds always prominent in a Hudd Traxx release. Both tracks strike the perfect balance of epic synths, definitive samples and resonant, thumping beats; ideal for a big fat sound system and a cold dark evening.