// RITHMA - Party Dreamwork EP - Release Date: 13th Dec 2010 //

rithma-party-dreamwork-epIntelligent Audio is delighted to welcome on board the multi talented Rithma, for our fifth 8 track double release, aimed at showcasing the versatility of our artists. He's rocked our world for years via his releases on labels like Om, Terraform, Fiji and Tweekin amongst others, and it’s a real pleasure to present his latest creations.  Once again the double release provides a platform for our featured artist to demonstrate their full musical spectrum. IA1 comprises 4 top-drawer San Fran groovy house jams, and IA2 delivers with 4 devastating leftfield gems. Rithma blasted music and gigs through a fog of opiates and speed for years - from the hills above Los Angeles he cranked out some timeless tunes and circled the globe, until his drugging caught up with him and sent him straight to rehab.  After that he bounced to San Francisco, where he fell in love with a Peruvian party girl and together they had a son. Finally the sonic writers block was gone, and going back through all the unfinished works on the hard drives "is like panning for gold", he says, cutting up samples
of an insane past and turning them into gems.

Our thoughts on iA1.5: H Benign - moody, melodic tech house of the finest calibre. Groovy, organic San Fran deepness splashed with disco horns and dubby overtones.

Green, Purple & Blue Frogs - swinging deep house with a monster bassline, delicate gliding pads, lush keys and funky stabs, all morphing into a glorious atmospheric journey into the strange world of multi coloured amphibians.

Mops - an infectious San Fran funky house stomper. Electronic hypno-funk comprising a juicy jazz bassline, solid thumping kick, and tight percussion, sprinkled with cool vocal effects and kinky drum fills.

Psuedo Jazz - kicks off with a tough house groove and an infectious guitar lick that will get the danecfloor rocking, and when the sick bass drops, you've got a party on your hands!

Release Date: 13th Dec 2010

The tracks

H-Benign Green, Purple & Blue Frogs Mops Pseudo Jazz