// Thomas Schumacher - "Bandera" out 9th August //

Thomas Schumacher - "Bandera" snatch recordsJust received a cheeky advance of This. . .  we can tell you from the the horses mouth, its rather groovy indeed. . . After getting our groove on to Snatch! 004 from Kolombo vs Loulou  Playerz, Riva Starr's blisteringly hot label presents us with another debut release... This time, from the ever-on-form Thomas Schumacher

bander-thomas-schumacherAlways keen to create and explore new avenues of sound, Berlin’s Thomas Schumacher has, over recent months, consistently surprised and impressed us with his productions. Whether its producing DJ T's album 'The Inner Jukebox'; providing contrasting, yet equally brilliant remixes for the likes of Axel Bartsch and Trentemoller, or dropping beats that range from the deepest tech to the wonkiest of basslines on his very own 'Slow' and 'Taxi'. Thomas always proves to have his finger well and truly on the pulse of modern electronic music.

Encompassing the Snatch! ethos to perfection, Thomas's debut 'Bandera' delivers a large dose of summer party fun, wrapped in the finest of twisted beats, bass and efx. Mojito's at the ready, as Thomas unleashes a stunning Cuban carnival, powered by the strongest of kick drums and trippy little touches.

If there is one man who knows how to kick off a Fiesta its Hermanez. Renowned for his groovy and crushingly heavy basslines, the Belgian producer once again delivers in style with this rolling, bass heavy beast of a remix. If one were not enough, he also brings us an exclusive Dub. Exclusive by name and by nature, because the Hermanez Dub will not be commercially available and is included here as a bonus treat for the promo package. One extra treat deserves another, and Thomas adds his very own 'Mix Azul' to the package. Together with our three mixes and a radio edit, it completes what is without doubt a special package for the summer. Proof once again, as if it were needed, that we all love a bit of Snatch!

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