// Tim Green Interview & EXCLUSIVE Mixtape //

This weeks pleasing entity is an exclusive interview and mixtape from one of our favourite human beings at the moment . . . Tim Green. 1. Which party have you most enjoyed playing this year so far? Womb in Tokyo. Its got the best sound, crazy crowd. Plus its Tokyo, so great food and places to go. Is my favourite place! 2. The earth is about to explode . . . you have time to retrieve 3 pieces of prized vinyl and a sandwich to take into your emergency evacuation vessel, what records would they be and what filling would you have in your sarnie? The prized vinyl would be 3 albums. Discovery by Daft punk, Vespertine by Bjork and Grace by Jeff Buckley. 3.If we could take care of all your commitments this weekend and you had unlimited funds, where on the planet would you go and what would you get up to? I would get a private jet, put my mates on there, then let them decide. Ill be happy as long as they are there :)

4. Who’s your favourite DJ at the moment ? I think Tanzmann. I have loads of favourites. But Matthias has something real special I think. 5. What two critical pieces of advice would you pass on to like minded aspiring artists? Be patient and cautious with your music. Also be really analytical of your music, always try to improve it. 6. If you could choose a superpower what would it be? I think to fly would be awesome. 7. If you had a magic TV remote control, who would you put on mute? Jeremy Kyle and Trisha. They both really annoy me! 8. Which producer/s should we be keeping an ear out for in the near future? Emerson Todd from New Zealand and Onno from Amsterdam. Onno is writing some ridiculous music at the moment, its really great dancefloor music. 9. What is your guilty pleasure? 80's stadium rock! 10. On your Myspace page there is a video of Tiefschwarz playing “Kitch-In” at Sonne Mond Sterne Festival, where the geezer at the side of the desk is trying to give it the cool one but is seduced by the track dropping and he flicks out the funniest little side kick in time to the  “woo” vocal sample . . love it! What influenced the making of this track? Actually this track was originally a remix for Tiga (zzt). I cant remember the name of the song, but it had the Woo's in there, which I loved. But I did the remix and they were not feeling it, it didn't suit the label, Turbo. Which is cool, but I asked if I could release it as my own track. So I re-recorded all the parts that were not mine. So I re-sang the Woo's. I had to use the computer to pitch my voice up, because I cant sing that high in real life haha.

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