// Tom Flynn EP arrives on dirtybird! //

After several hot tunes on Worthy's Anabatic imprint, Birmingham's Tom Flynn joins the ranks of the dirtybird crew. I've battle tested the A-side of this record all around the world. "Catch That Bird" is a rare mix of deep rooted funk whilst also sounding like a Caribbean jungle track pitched down to 126bpm. My favourite! I'd play this EP just on the strength of the A-side but I feel like a lot of attention will also be given to the B-side called "Rhode Island."  This is a classic piece of deep house with all the melodic elements of a dirtybird jam.

Tom sent me at least 7 tracks before I signed these two so the guy is certainly prolific and I expect to hear quite a bit more from this up and comer this year. enjoy - Claude VonStroke.

Listen to it on the dirtybird site >>> www.dirtybirdrecords.com

Buy it on Beatport >>> www.beatport.com