// We Love Space Ibiza - 5th September 2010 //

we-love-space-bannerSimian Mobile Disco in the main room of We Love Space Sunday's. . . does it get any better then this? simian-mobile-disco-we-love-space-ibizaPress passes courtesy of our good friends at this über club mean we fast track the queue and slip straight into El Salon before heading through to the main room where Simian Mobile Disco are already doing their thing.

Space Ibiza...  6 custom built rooms for high-fidelity cutting edge music. Ranging from the delightful offerings of the Sunset Terraza to the sheer depth of the Redbox where you could happily vibe non-stop for the duration of your life. But hang on, lets re-focus here. Simian Mobile Disco are Smashing the main room to pieces with an outstanding VJ light and laser show to accompany them. While Hot Chip and Dimitri From Paris are bringing Terraza Arena to its knees at the same time, OMG could this be the cream of what Space Sundays have to offer this season?


Simian Mobile Disco are always an absolute joy to behold and within half an hour, we along with a surging crowd of other pilgrims are in the palm of their hands as they build, twist and drop some epic pieces.

Edgy, banging, exclusive music comes from their amazingly well planned sets which literally take the crowd on a journey. Winding breaks up until they are fit to snap, filling your ears and making you jack as they build into epic crescendos, where the lights in the room are raised right up as though you are at a rock concert. Just when you think you can take no more, the slickest, fattest bass line drops reminding you to breath, accompanied by lasers that make you feel like they are re-shooting Blade Runner. All of this from two crazy little silhouettes at the other end of the room. This isn't just a rocking night in a club but a proper show. Simian Mobile Disco always wow the crowd but Space Ibiza has to be one of the best places to see such a performance.

I've well and truly lost Mick at this point (no doubt peeling himself like a Clementine in a corner somewhere) but all is good as we indulge in the likes of Hot Chip and the rest of the 23 strong line-up. Myself and fellow Sound Canvas ambassador Señor J Van Jefford settle into the Red Box room, which in our opinion, is like going round to see your mum for a nice cup of  tea . . . no one makes tea like the old dear.

We have always banged on about the Red Box @ Space, and still feel the same, once again, Burlington project are running things this season presenting 'Fresh Blood' and doing a mighty fine job of it to. The night is rounded off with what has since been voted 'best set' of the 2010 We Love season from James Zabiela, powerful stuff. . .

In summary, We Love Space Sundays is one of the best nights on the island and captures perfectly the pure essence of what clubbing is all about. Moving from room to room, you are fully indulged with not only different music but different ethos, atmosphere and vibe, 6 rooms can be equated to 6 nights out for the price of one.

Check that shit out!

Download SMD set from this actual night here, right click and save this

Words by Soundcanvasmusic

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