// We love . . . Tim Green //

For several months now this London based house and techno producer has been a regular feature on our mixes here at Sound Canvas Music. Tracks like his remix of Claude Von Strokes "Vocal Chords", "Kitch In" and "Revox" also on Dirtybird and my current fave "Old Sunshine" on Get Physical have had us bouncing all over the gaff. Clearly not content with knocking out filler tunes, this man is hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch right now! Tim's musical journey began playing the guitar and having a keen interest in bands but this soon changed after falling in love electronic music. After spending the majority of his clubbing experiences smashing it up in London's Fabric, he found the inspiration and drive needed to seriously take his production skills to another level altogether. These boundary pushing skills have seen his work appear on dynamic labels such as Cocoon, Cr2 and the above mentioned Dirtybird and Get Physical.

Check this talented young man's DJ schedule on his Myspace page >>> www.myspace.com/tg909

Words by Soundcanvasmusic.