Colour and Pitch #41 - Weston Butler - Moonshadows dropping soon...


For their 41st release, Colour and Pitch welcome New York music-maker Weston Butler to the label family with progressive gem, Moonshadows.

Release Date: November 9th 2018

Introduced to Colour and Pitch by 3Bridge Records director Eric Shans, Weston Butler has spent the last few years building a solid reputation for melodic, subtle DJ sets at venues such as Cielo, Good Room, and ANALOG BKNY. Although Butler is a fairly new name to the production scene, 'Moonshadows' shows impressive maturity both in composition and arrangement; a deep and progressive journey that's simply a joy from start to finish.

Eric Shans adds orchestral touches to 'Moonshadows' with his languid, slow-building rework, adding sweeping strings and subtle synth touches that border on cinematic. Former Sub Club and Nitsa Club resident DJ and now a compelling production talent to boot, Mark Ryal delivers a typically genre-defying, vintage and authentically deep remix of Moonshadows, shimmering with nocturnal beauty.

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Alex Rose