Documentary: Can you Feel It - How Dance Music Conquered the World


BBC Four are set to drop part 1/3 of their ‘Can you Feel It - How Dance Music Conquered the World‘ mini series this coming Friday .

… House music is now one of the most popular music genres on the planet. The charts are packed with 4/4 tunes made or remixed by superstar DJs. The irresistible and relentless groove of the dance floor fills clubs and stadiums, themes the biggest TV shows and is the soundtrack to mega advertising. You can't escape the beat. But how did we get here…?

Can You Feel It is the story of the dance revolution - the beat, the clubs and the DJs that changed music culture forever.

In the first episode we follow the 4/4 beat from its disco origins through remix culture to house, techno, acid house and the current EDM explosion.

With contributions from disco legends Nicky Siano and Tom Moulton, house pioneers like Marshall Jefferson, Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk and Steve 'Silk' Hurley, Detroit techno inventors Juan Atkins, Kevin Sanderson and Derrick May and modern DJ superstars such as Pete Tong and David Guetta.


Part 1 – The Beat.
The journey of 4/4 beats, from disco origins, through remix culture and in to house, techno and today’s EDM explosion. A glorious 60 minute rush through the invention of a genre – as told by the people who invented it.

Part 2 – The Club
A celebration of the most important cultural entertainment space of the last thirty years –
the club. The story of how club culture went from shady Chicago lofts to dessert casinos.

Part 3 – The DJ
The extraordinary story of the DJ. A cast that features today s biggest DJ stars and
pioneers plot the amazing DJ path from invisibility

Alex Rose