DJ KOZE new album - 'Knock Knock' + interview


Only very few producers of the electronic music ilk these days, can claim to have a truly authentic, original sound that is distinctly and unequivocally theirs… DJ Koze, is one such blessed individual, and he’s just dropped a new album . . .  


Knock knock


. . . see's DJ Koze carve seamlessly through a saturated market of electronic sub genre bubbles, threading together a unique blend of ingredients, from warm soul, to minimal techno and distinctly dreamy soundscapes, dripping in ambience, and underpinned by a reassuringly sub terrain depth throughout.

This album is for those who love music, not genres.

Stating ”The mood of house music is really limited," Koze recently told Resident advisor. "It was sensational for me at first, but I soon began to hear more emotions in, for example, folk music. Why do we have to stick to two house chords?" ... and this album is a true representation of his views…



The album itself boasts some excellent collaborative accolades, with Koze calling on his love of legendary Hip hop outfit Arrested development. Influenced by their alternative balance and style of “non militant hip hop”, “jazzy colourful flavours” and “positive energy”…  Koze enlists the services of the group's rapper 'Speech' to perform vocal duties to excellent effect on 'Colors of Autumn'. Another incredible colab comes in the form of 'Illumination', where Koze garners the sublime vocal stylings of Róisín Murphy, drawing on her "infectious open minded and free approach" to new ideas,  stating ‘her music just speaks to you’ ... indeed it does.


Check it for yourself. . .


It's out on Koze's imprint. . .



Koze Interview:

In line with the new album drop, Koze caught some air time with Gilles Peterson . . .

. . .earlier this month on his weekly 6 music Saturday afternoon show, to discuss everything from living a minimalistic lifestyle, to the all consuming life he leads as an in demand producer, remixer,  DJ and label manager for his very own, highly esteemed 'Pampa Records' imprint.

Catch the interview as above as Koze shares some rare insight into his background and musical education, moving through his roots as a member of a hip hop collective, heavily influenced by the raw essence of 303, 808 and 909 loop based grooves, Koze talks about his early days as a DJ, inspired by the likes of scratch DJ godfathers such as Cut Master Swift, before being gripped by an alluring, electronic, unapologetic vein of Acid house music, and the role this bold, underground sound played in his transition to the world of house/techno and everything 4/4 inbetween.



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