// Eddie Averell - Telescope No.16 EP - Muchiq Records //

Here's another darling of an EP from those busy little bastards over at Muchiq Records. These boys are really pushing and moving things foward on the tech-house front and we've been doing the soft shoe shuffle whilst checking it out for this review. The first track on the EP is "Telescope no. 16" and it draws me straight in with crisp high hats and the most delightful scattty reverbed percussion. There is also a lovely subtle use of effects and I am adoring the heavy kick drop after the spacey ambience of the break.

"Monday" is a much heavier and darker force to be reckoned with and I can see myself trying to peel my skin like a satsuma, in the corner of Amnesia trying to chat up a local Spanish goddess who speaks not one word of the Queens English.

Last but not least is "Boak", a banger that literally feels like the beats are rolling off ya'. Wicked vocal samples with a boisterous bass line and naughty percussion round this release off very nicely.

Loving the Eddie Averell profile artwork as well, proper.

Check the sound snippets for yourself here >>>

Eddie Averell-Telescope no.16 E.P (Preview) Out Now by Muchiq Records