// Simon Baker Album - Traces - 2020vision - 14th March 2011 //

Having played an influential part in the house and techno scene for the better part of the last decade, Simon Baker has made a name for himself as one of the UK’s most respected producers, and now present’s his highly anticipated debut album “Traces” on 2020 Vision. Acclaimed singles released through pioneering labels such as Playhouse, Get Physical, Cocoon and of course 2020Vision, and constantly traveling the globe playing at the best clubs in the world have continually honed Simon’s sound to the classic sounding, richly produced electronic house music that makes up his debut album.

"No Pressure" feels like an old friend, wicked vocal hook and beautiful arrangements. "L Train" is a driving dance floor rump shaker with amazing sweeping effects and cheeky piano rhythms. "Blue Lights" an awesome rumbling bass line, retro drum and percussion with dreamy chords and curvy melodies. "Grey Area" has a more aggressive and industrial feel, like grinding it out in a warehouse rave in an isolated eastern European landscape. "Let me in" a quirky vocal number that picks up momentum with a well worked breakdown. "Someone like" has an tropical old school feel and rides on a powerful bass line and delicately fingered piano stabs. "Dead air" immediately commands your attention and would absolutely smash the fuck out of any dance floor. "Traces" the title track to this outstanding album is right up my street. It makes me want to take it out for spot of lunch, maybe chat over a glass of red and get to know it a little better. "Think!" draws you in and your nodding away without knowing it. A tune you feel you could listen to all day, simple yet effective. "Reversal" is a proper deep chugging affair with a great sounding percussion structure. "Olek" I welcome the rather disturbing vocal sample with open arms and the shifty high hats make me feel I'm amongst friends on an adventure, basking within the thoughts of potential rogue activity.

The release date is the 14th March 2011 and is available on the following formats : CD, Vinyl & Digital Download. Check sound snippets and pre-order your copy HERE

This album comes highly recommended from the Sound Canvas team and we'll be including tracks from this release on future Sound Canvas mixtapes. Check that shit out!