// Exit 2010 . . . talk to me //

As we approached the Petrovaradin fortress in the rally-like taxi on the opening night of the festival, our eyes widened and cheeky grins began to appear as we saw the Exit banners and laser beam style lights shoot across the sky. We jump out at the base of the bridge which leads to the road that takes you towards the main festival entrance. I’ll be first to admit that I was a little apprehensive with regards to how four English geezer’s were going to be welcomed by the local people of Novi Sad, who were pumping music from stereo’s, selling merchandise and alcoholic shots along the street. We walk through the other side of the tunnel where we bank left to exchange our e-tickets for wristbands and stroll towards the turnstiles where security and old bill with shooters on their hip mooch about making sure you don’t take your drinks to the entrance. Once inside we all agree on a rendezvous point and bop to the bar where we exchange our Serbian dinar for beer and energy drink tokens. With a pint of Tuborg turbo shandy each we check the line-up schedule and head towards the dance arena to check Crookers, Erol Alkan and Boys Noize back to back. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see, hear and feel when we looked over the edge of the peak on our way to the metal staircase that took us down to the dance arena. We get a few more rounds in as Crookers tear the crowd up with trademark pulsating beats and edgy remixes, all of us floating on the energy and atmosphere that eventually takes us to the pit in front of the stage. As we look around we can’t believe how big and well laid out the dance arena is, how loud and crisp the sound system is and how much the crowd are captivated, you couldn’t design a better venue from scratch in my opinion. We scale the incline towards the bottle neck passage that opens out to the football stadium style curved terracing where people are throwing some serious moves in unison. Here I probably witnessed the best set of my life where Erol Alkan categorically smashed the place into tatters with a seamless house, techno and electro mix where the entire arena was hanging on his every flick, loop, cut, scratch and knob twist. The Londoner had us all in the palm of his hand and if stopped the CDJ mid-set and announced on the mic that we were all going to invade one of the bordering countries we would have. At the end of his set Mr Alkan hopped up onto the desk to take a well deserved bow as the crowd were going nuts, before handing over to Boys Noize with their collaboration “Lemonade” setting the tone for the remainder of the morning.

Words by Soundcanvasmusic.