// Moonbeam release "Distance EP"on Traum //

moon-beam-photoJust received a tasty little EP here, taking the form of Moonbeam's latest mystical offering, Distance EP out July 2010 on Germany's Traum  Schallplatten. Nod nod nod nod. . . . This is some seriously matured late night Atmospheric deep techno right here,  with some cutting edge glitchy percussion and amazingly enticing melodies. . . talk to me!

Russia’s Moonbeam have been gaining momentum over the last few years and with good reason. Formed in Nizhny Novgorod in 2003, brothers Pavel and Vitaliy have been steadily releasing dance floor tracks that weave seamlessly from thick-bellied atmospheric techno to dense charging trance. Storming into DJ Magazine’s Top100 Poll, the two continue to widen their sonic arc with a fabric of different styles, diverse guest vocalists both in their studio and with their live shows and now present their latest release on Germany's Traum.moonbeam-distance-ep The sound of the New Wave band Bauhaus seems to make it's way into several releases nowadays... We are not talking about samples but the dark romantic feeling of this period. Moonbeam's track “Distance” carries this haunted and ghostly feeling of the 80's, the chill of cold steel and candle lit rooms. It wouldn't be a Moonbeam track without the spine-tingling melodies which have always been the strength of their music. 

The Kiev based Spartaque has become famous through his success in Russia and was voted as one of the countries top 3 artists. He has continuously raised his profile and is now playing events such as Love Parade/Germany and performing with artist such as: Dandi & Ugo, Tocadisco, Ahmet Sendil, Umek, Citizen Kain, Popof and many more. His remix of "The Underwater World" is a euphoric and modern minimal-techno hymn showing his skills by rocking big dance floors with passion.

Freska gives his debut with this remix and will release his first solo 12" on Traum in September. His bouncy and modern "house" remix  of "Distance" makes him a welcome artist for intimate situations and hip clubs around. Freska has recorded for prominent labels Club etc and is certainly one to watch in the future. “The Underwater World” dedicates itself to the night... but slowly transforms, making its way into daylight. As sounds fly like “robotic bats”, big basslines flood the track, cogs as new sounds uncurl.. Moonbeams latest EP dives headlong into deep, dubbed techno, soaked in bass while at the same time unbelievable colourful melodies. Last but not least “Run For Me“ is a sonic piece of Traum music that evokes Krautrocks best electronic avant-garde of the 70ies, incorporated in their own world...  known best as “Moonbeam land”. "Run for me" is certainly a track for the late hours.