029 – Jody Van Jefford Presents – Probably Definitely Smoothly Essentially //

Probably, definitely smooth essentially is a deep, glitchy tech-house affair with a lovely sized helping of techno. A mix which has been fired into a blender til' the consistency has fermented and transcended into a Devine texture. There it has been left to rest for just the right amount of time so that when you take a healthy ear full, the different flavours hit from nowhere like you were jumped by 5  well hung aggressive Pixie's. Although unsuspecting and quite violent at times ...... Still a very full filling and pleasurable experience which you'd love to last forever .......*Please note that the fore mentioned views belong only to Mr Jefford and not the website, record labels or artists included in the mix.

Tracklist: Miranda - Oliver Huntemann Remix Marc Romboy - Stephan Bodzin Sarma - Olivier Gregoire River - Phonique Jen - Will Saul Salome - Audiojack Remix - Channel X Orient Express Telesto - Martin Buttrich Remix - Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin Chimps - Re-Edit - Claude VonStroke Regenerate - Popof Remix - Booka Shade Phobos - Pan-Pot Remix - Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin

[audio: http://www.soundcanvasmusic.co.uk/downloads/jefford-PDSE-soundcanvasmusic.co.uk.mp3]

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