// Marcel Fermier L.O.V.E. Pole Position: release 8th March 2011 //

marcel-fermier-l.o.v.e-pole-position-recordingsL.o.v.e.' is the seventh release on the Cardiff (UK) based Pole Position Recordings and sees Marcel Fermier release his debut EP.  Five original tracks of energetic and driving deep housedemonstrate that Marcel is sure to make his mark in 2011.  London based Soulplate add a warm, piano led, soulful remix to complete an EP packed with a sophistication and class that belies the fact it’s a first-time release.pole-position-recordings-cardiff Amsterdam born and raised DJ/Producer Marcel Fermier’s debut EP, here on Pole Position Recordings, is just the start of a big year for the young Dutchman, with several more EP's due out onCrossword Records, Digital Disco (Honey Dijon’s label) and more on Pole Position including several remixes and a follow up single. Marcel's background in a tougher style of house gives him a rare adaptability, producing tracks from deep house through to tech house and beyond.

Soulplate, aka Chris Beck and Kam Virdi, have been around since 2010 when they created Soulplate Records, with the aim to release all things soulful in the underground house music scene. The London based duo have had previous successes as US2, JB Experience and Carlos Rodriguez and a string of releases onReelhouse Records, Slip N Slide and Running Man Records.

Pole Position Recordings start 2011 building on their growing reputation as being a diverse label with an eye for real quality.  Previous releases have come from artists including Lucky Spin, AndT & Matthew Leface, Matt McLardy, Two 4House, Billy Goat & Christian Priess, Xiasou and Matt McLarrie.


  • LOVE
  • LOVE (Soulplate Remix)
  • Hazy
  • The Jungle
  • Laidback
  • Feel Good