022 – Jody Van Jefford presents – Sauce Magnet //

teedIt's here, it's here, it's here! . . . the insanely feisty, overly energised,  sprightly young lamb that is Jody Van Jefford has been banging our door down for that last week, keen as mustard to show the world he has the minerals required to make a dance floor pulse. And indeed he does, not that we were ever in doubt. After shaming the rest of the SCM crew this weekend into scurrying home from Egg London's Bodymove party with their tails between their legs claiming 5am was late enough!  Jefford, defiant not to dissolve into  a pile of ash upon contact with sunlight, soldiered on well into Sunday consuming everything in his path. We salute you Jefford.It is with open arms we welcome Jody 'the gentleman raver' Jefford into the fold, taking care of business where Pumping electro/tech house is concerned. So this then, the first of many bangers. . .

  • Survivor - Tigerstripes (afrojack remix)
  • Berlin - FTC (original mix)
  • Sicklychild - TEED
  • Crashed - Attemporal (channel x violin pluck remix)
  • Well Done - Andy Nailin (original mix)
  • Xtra - Jakiro (original mix)
  • Hamburg Night - H.O.S.H & Kjex (original mix)
  • Vallee De Larmes - Jean Claude Ades(pleasure kraft remix)
  • Brasileira - Veron (afrojack remix)
  • Gypsy - Steve Angello (afrojack remix)
  • Beat this - Einmusik (original mix)

[audio: http://www.soundcanvasmusic.co.uk/downloads/jody-van-jefford-soundcanvasmusic.co.uk-sauce-magnet.mp3]

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