// Mighty Mouse - MIXTAPE: Feel Good, Live Good //

mighty-mouse-feel-good-live-good-mixtapYeah yeah I know its January 2011!, but got so whey laid with the tidal wave of musical skulduggery last month that I have just seen this cheeky little Mighty Mouse December Mixtape buried in the inbox. .  D'oh! Mighty Mouse have always been on our radar and are very cool indeed. .  Err. . If you wanna know more check our previous posts or the Mightymouse site itself. OK, well, its all gonna get dOwNTempO, sLo Mo, NeW DiSCo, DeEp HOuSe lOUNge tAstiC for a while so prepare to grooove.might-mouse-disco-logo-1 More on Mighty Mouse here. DECEMBER 2010 MIXTAPE: Feel Good, Live Good by MIGHTY MOUSE by Mighty Mouse Track List >>

1. apiento & co 'she walks' (original mix)
2. count jackula 'africa' (golden bug remix)
3. jay shepheard & tad wily 'a sopot connection'
4. blamma blamma 'beyond 17' (mighty mouse lost in space instrumental)
5. floorman 'ossum boogie'
6. kindness 'swinging party'
7. morgan geist 'most of all'
8. mighty mouse 'smiling faces' (vocal version)
9. arcade fire 'the sprawl' (mighty mouse dj edit)
10. zola jesus 'poor animal' (mighty mouse's not so official edit type thingy)
11. chilly gonzalez 'you can dance' (cosmonaut grecho remix)
12. florence & the machine 'you've got the love' (the xx remix)
13. dwight trash 'san salvador'
14. alternative car park 'please don't leave me joanna'
15. the aikiu 'just can't sleep' (mighty mouse instrumental)
16. bob holroyd 'african drug' (four tet remix)
17. boy naughty 'miss quenada'