// Tommy Largo 'At A Different Tempo': release 2nd March 2011 //

tommy-largo-at-a-different-tempoBest known for his house music productions, Tommy Largo has always tommy-largomade down-tempo and hip hop beats over the years, but never released any of it.  After listening to some of his old tapes and hearing fellow house producers making slower tempo tracks, he decided it was time to make some fresh sounds – the aptly titled ‘At A Different Tempo’ project was born and eagerly snapped up by Chicago based label Alphabet Music.Tommy’s initial idea was to do 3 or 4 tracks to fill an EP, but after the first few tracks turned out so well, he decided to “go the distance” and make a full album.

tommy largo - at a different tempo (album preview) by tommy largo Alphabet Music have always been fans of trip hop and down-tempo – label boss Ken Christensen, “it was the perfect blend of neck-snappin’ beats with a soulful vibe, it reminded us of J Dilla’s production style and we knew we had to have it.” Fans of Mr Scruff, Grand Central and Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazzproject should take note – indeed the San Fran DJ included 2 of Tommy’s album tracks on the recently released seventh instalment of the popular mix series.

Hailing from Arnhem in The Netherlands, Tommy Largo has been well known as a producer of underground house music since debuting on Lost My Dog in 2005.  He has gone on to record for labels including Guesthouse, Kolour, Control and Tango.  His rise as a DJ has matched his production career and established him a busy worldwide schedule.

‘At A Different Tempo’ will be available as a digital download, both as a mixed version for the listeners and individual tracks for DJs.  Two remix EPs will feature some of the finest house and nu disco producers of the moment – Mark & Stevens, Dave Allison, Your Only Friend, Corduroy Mavericks, Thomas Sahs, Black Lodge, Giano, Mark Veloce and Nu Jak Freqs.