// We love . . . Disco Bloodbath //

We listen to alot of mixes here at Sound Canvas and it can be quite rare for some of them to keep being replayed over several weeks. The Disco Bloodbath mix we downloaded from the We Love website has been cheering us up every morning for ages now, the only thing is we can’t source the bloody track-list. Disco Bloodbath are Damon Martin, Dan Beaumont and Ben Pistor and they champion a fantastic medley of spaced out raw italo disco, vintage house and proto-techno which is right up our street. They started out as a basement boogie outfit in East London and are rightly now helping people cut the rug across dance floors around the globe.

We higly recommend you keep your precious little ears to the ground for Disco Bloodbath mix tapes, remixes and original productions in the near future.

Words by soundcanvasmusic